Claire gained her Bsc (hons) degree from Northumbria University in 2003.  She began her career at Northumbria Healthcare NHS trust where she completed her junior rotations and worked as a Senior Physiotherapist for six months.  This period enabled Claire to find her passion and specialise in Musculoskeletal and Rehabilitation Physiotherapy working for the Ministry of Defence.  During this six year period of her career, she worked for both the Army and Royal Air Force and was the head of recruit rehabilitation and audit at RAF Halton.
Claire Butterfield

Claire gained extensive knowledge of assessing and managing both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries sustained through sport and training at all levels as well as in everyday life.  The resources available to her within the Ministry of Defence reinforced the value of rapid access to physiotherapy treatment and how personal and sport specific rehabilitation is essential to effectively manage an injury and prevent recurrence.  These experiences has provided the foundation for Claire’s move to private practice and are the principle on which she has established her own practice in 2011.

Claire is passionate about the benefit of “Hands On” physiotherapy combined with personalised exercises and stretches. She continues to develop these skills by attending courses in acupuncture and manipulation.  She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Orthopaedic Medicine and a post graduate certificate in Manual Therapy.  This enables her to treat all musculoskeletal conditions ranging from everyday aches and pains to implementing rehabilitation programmes for Elite Athletes.  She always makes sure she addresses all aspects of an injury to empower patients, prevent recurrence and promote self-management.