Here are some frequently asked questions, however if you can’t find the answer to your query here please get in touch.

Please allow 45 minutes for your initial assessment which will involve us taking a full history, physical examination, treatment and management advice.
Through a detailed discussion, this will enable us to gain an accurate history of your condition with the opportunity to highlight any specific goals you have. A full physical examination will be carried out, incorporating a series of function tests reviewing your symptoms in conjunction with joint range of movement, muscle control and soft tissue palpation. The findings from the review will allow us to offer an accurate and tailored diagnosis.
You’ll leave with a good understanding of any future treatment plans, advice about symptom management and focusing upon preventing any reoccurrence of the issue.
In order for a full assessment of the problem area to take place, the physiotherapist will need to be able to see the relevant body part.  You will therefore be asked to undress or change into appropriate loose fitting clothing that does not restrict your joint movement.
You may wish to bring shorts or a strapped top with you to aid your comfort during this assessment process.  
No, you do not need to have a referral from a GP or consultant; you can just book the appointment yourself.  The Physiotherapist may ask your consent to liaise with your GP or Consultant depending on the findings of the initial assessment.  
We are recognised by most of the major insurance companies including Bupa and Aviva. You must contact your insurance company prior to your initial assessment to confirm what your policy entitlements are, and to be issued with an authorisation number for us to carry out any treatment.
The number of sessions required depends on each individual’s diagnosis and cannot be predicted until the initial assessment has been carried out. At your initial assessment your physiotherapist will discuss the treatment plan with you and give an estimate on the amount of treatment that is required. This can vary depending on how you respond to treatment.
Our aim at Butterfield Physiotherapy is to provide you with the complete package to enable rapid recovery and return to pain free living as soon as possible. This package will involve sufficient hands on treatment to address your needs, combined with education about your injury and a personal exercise programme to allow you to manage your symptoms independently and prevent recurrence.
For the initial assessment you should allow 45 minutes. Your physiotherapist will then advise you on the duration of any follow up treatment sessions required.
At our Ponteland Clinic we accept Cash, Card or Cheque.    All cheques made payable to Butterfield Physiotherapy Limited.